Garbage Collection

Guidelines for Trash Pick Up

Residential garbage is collected once per week.  For Regular service customers, trash must be completely bagged and in the trash toter. Trash will only be collected if in the toter.

Bag customers must use bags purchased from your municipality or the Southampton Township Trash Office. It is not permissible to substitute any other trash bags.

For more information regarding your collection day please call your municipality or the Southampton Township Trash  Office at (717)-532-9646 – Ext 102

 Items to Place in the Cart

Place all trash in plastic bags, if possible, and secure the bags to help prevent spillage and keep the container clean.  The maximum cart weight when full is 75 lbs. The lid should be able to close.

Bag Customers

For each bag that you put out, we ask that it does not exceed 35 pounds in weight.

Prohibited trash includes:

We DO NOT pick up any of the following items, please do not include any of these items in your trash.

  • Hot ashes or coals.
  • Hazardous waste (paints, oils, poisons, corrosives, batteries).
  • Concrete, rocks, large pieces of metal, tile, dirt
  • Tires, paint, and white goods
  • Dirt, grass clippings, shrubs, leaves, tree limbs

Please refer to the Park’s Guidelines for Trash Pickup and Guidelines for Recycling

Cart Damage or Replacement

For replacement of damaged, lost, or stolen carts, contact:
Southampton Township Trash Office at  (717)-532-9646 – Ext 102

Missed Pick-ups

If your trash was not picked up on your regular collection day, contact:
Southampton Township Trash Office at (717)-532-9646 – Ext 102